Case Study

Case Study

The Challenge

Structuring data access and securing it across an entire franchise group. Corporate and shared data, individual franchises and roles within groups combined to share resources while protecting integrity.

Systemisation – a structured approach to franchisees management of documents and data.

Security – minimizing the data breach threat and industry specific privacy considerations.

Access & Availability – Work securely from anywhere with a collaborative approach to work & communication.

The Solution

Microsoft 365 – Centralized tools to allow their team to work within a single environment for Emails, collaboration and data management.

SharePoint – Versioning, secure data sharing, deployment of centralized policies and procedures to all franchisees allowing for a unified system

Security Audits – Monitoring for any external or unauthorised access to files within the organisation.

Microsoft Teams – Communication and Collaboration between franchise offices both internally and through to an organisation wide level. Recording of training and marketing material.

The Outcome

Right at Home Australia streamlined their documents and processes into SharePoint, systemizing their franchise structure and creating additional security checks and balances on their precious client data.

Implementation of rolling security audits, use of SharePoint security and compliance tools and categorization