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What's Core Solutions?
The traditional support and development of information technology in business are handled professionally, quickly and efficiently by the qualified technical teams at Ambient iT.

We help you understand your technologies and protect your business with expert advice and support.

IT Support
Get help when you need it. Remote assist and onsite support is available for all your IT issues and concerns.
From servers to desktops and laptops, printers, network equipment, wireless and even huge commercial displays, we can source and supply the technology hardware you need.
We can purchase online or retail packaged software for your business and will pass on the best available pricing.

Need to find, assess or trial software to see if it fits your business needs?  We can help with that too.

All your networking needs looked after by one team.  Equipment such as switches, routers, wireless access points, and patch cabling all handled expertly and efficiently.
Digital Signage
IT Strategy
Plan your technology for the future growth and development of your business.  We can help you keep on top of upcoming changes.
What's Cloud King?
Simply put, it’s a set of mobility solutions for your business. Information at your fingertips.

Manage and protect your business in the Cloud. With hosted servers, mail & web solutions for businesses of all sizes Cloud King incorporates the latest secure technologies to make your business accessible from wherever you may be.

Server Hosting
Need to host your server in the cloud? Need to access your systems from anywhere? Perhaps you have custom or industry specific software that doesn’t have a cloud version yet.  There are great solutions including custom hosting, Amazon, Microsoft’s Azure and others that we can recommend, implement and manage for you.
Email hosting options ranging from in the cloud Office 365 and Google to hosted/managed exchange or even POP and IMAP options.  We will help you chose the right solution for your business and explain the difference.
Phone Systems
Perhaps you have moved to NBN and losing your copper lines or maybe you just want to make some amazing savings.  Talk to us about phone system solutions.  Hosted VoIP and on-premises solutions available.
Web Hosting
Host your website with a reliable, fast, local web hoster with support, backups and maintenance packages available if required
Website Maintainance
The first stage of protect your business online resources from hacks and outages is to maintain your site and plugins regularly.  Then, monitoring and scanning for infection helps catch issues early before harm is done and sites can be restored quickly and efficiently.
Need internet or maybe just more speed?  Having issues with speed or stability?  Yes, we can help. Corporate, NBN and ADSL available.
What's Orbit Central?
Protect from IT uncertainty with server and desktop maintenance, systems and service monitoring, managed anti-virus solutions and enterprise class backup systems.

Let us help you managed your IT outgoings by reducing incidents and setting fixed costs without committing to overpriced MSP solutions.

Managed and monitored backups.  Best of breed solutions designed to make recovery not just possible but timely.  Fit the needs of your business redundancy, recovery and business continuity.
Disaster Recovery
We help with recovery from incidents and disaster.  Best handled with prior preparation and our expert assistance with business continuity and disaster recovery planning.
Managed Antivirus
Business appropriate best of breed solutions for anti-virus anti-malware and anti-ransomware solutions.  Not just implemented but up to date, monitored and managed.
Office Productivity Suite
The right tools for your office productivity, storage, and communication.  In the office or out and about, the things you need and the tools to use them at your finger-tips.
Remote Monitoring
Are your systems up and running? Are all the components that your business relies on actually listening, talking, and doing their thing?  Can your clients contact you or use your tools and facilities as designed?  We can monitor, advice and rectify as required.
Patch Management
Keeping servers, desktops, and software up to date helps protect your business, your systems, and your data.  Running updates only at the right time prevents outages and mistakes. Maintain and manage with peace of mind.

Get a free technology evaluation


Fill out the form and we will get in touch to discuss a free technology evaluation for your business. We will assess the current technology you have in place as well as providing you with a set of recommendations to bring your systems up to speed and complaint. We will also create a road map for you to help guide your technology decisions in the future. Best of all it’s completely free!

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Our Partners

At Ambient iT we firmly believe that our partners are often our key to success. Our team works closely with their to deliver polished, professional outcomes for our clients every time. These relationships allow us to leverage the best prices and results and most importantly give us the ability to help give you the edge over your competitors.

Your HR, OH&S and QMS Compliance

Bramwell Partners offer a hands-on approach to supporting our clients to ensure compliance across their people, safety, and quality management systems.

Security, Data and Electrical

At Twintech Electrical, we know that service clubs and RSLs have very particular lighting and power needs. This should not come at the cost of wasteful and expensive specifications. Working with renovators, builders and project managers, Twintech has the flexibility to integrate electrical needs with expansion and renovation plans.


We don’t just create websites

Webmate is a web design company in Brisbane with the perfect blend of experience and knowledge.

We have one simple focus: Making your website work!