Ambient iT was founded in 2005 by Amber Worth and Cliff Bree who saw a need to help businesses find real quality advice, support, and strategic direction. We chatted with Amber about the inception of Ambient iT and how the business continues to successfully support and enhance the business of their clients.

“Our first few customers, on coming to us, found that they had previously been ‘sold’ to with minimal explanation and very little realistic or appropriate recommendations.

We saw a need for the small-medium business community to be provided with honest, accurate, and most importantly, appropriate advice. This included the pros and cons of the offered solutions and recommendations, explained in human terms. Enough of the typical IT geek speak already!

Cliff’s and my backgrounds are based in large scale corporate and government systems, multi-site business and franchise operations.  This enabled us to know and understand the needs of business from the very large right down to the really little guys.

Over the last 13 years we have endeavoured to, and succeeded in, providing timely choices and options that suited the specific needs of each and every business that came our way.

We have built, and continue to provide, a comprehensively skilled and talented team large enough to support businesses big and small. The team is carefully selected to keep the human touch and legendary customer service that our clients need.

As we continue on our quest for delivery of cost effective solutions for business, we intend to push all the more for cleaning up the IT industry so that business executives will know, once and for all, that they can depend on our industry to support and enhance their business growth and efficiency.

Come with us on a journey to your success.”

Amber Worth
Managing Director

Over the next few weeks, we will explore some of the exciting directions of the company and introduce you to our team.