Traditional Managed Service IT Providers look to confuse you with acronyms like DNS, SSL and VPN and use fear to sell you on the need for “must have” security tools. These tactics will often just leave you confused and because of the complexity of IT and the trust you put in your provider you will go along with what you have been told is the best option for you. At Ambient iT, with our Orbit Central solution we aim to simplify the technology you use in your business, and remove the fog around what IT is in your business and do it all in a single cost effectgive manner that will allow you to do what you do best . Not only does this complete solution provide you with all of your IT necessities such as internet, email, computers and phones but it also aims to be a far more cost effective solution for how you receive your IT and IT support in business. No more will you be left with those large shocking bills, you won’t need to adjust your budgets to allow for that surprise virus attack or deal with that urgent need for a computer when the office managers hard disk fails. Our Orbit Central solution is specifically designed to meet the needs of your business, even as it grows and changes. Got a new staff member starting? Let us know and we will provide the computer, monitor, phone and email all in place and ready for their first day. Tested to work in your companies private secure environment and monitored and backed up around the clock you can have peace of mind that your IT no longer needs to be the hassle of the past.