The case for proactive maintenance vs reactive support

When was the last time you checked your backups? What software have you updated recently? and have you tried turning it off and on again? What do these questions all have in common? These are the most frequently asked questions IT providers ask their customers after a problem has occurred. IT support and IT maintenance while different are two facilities that should work hand in hand to keep your business and your data safe and secure.

With IT becoming increasingly integrated with business, companies will need to decide between an IT maintenance or an IT support approach. Ambient iT pride ourselves on providing our customers with choices, following those with recommendations and then support your decision which ever direction you choose to take. Below you will find the benefits of IT maintenance and IT support weighed up so you can make an informed choice to suit your business requirements.

Proactive Maintenance

With monitoring on machines, servers and critical systems your IT team are able to troubleshoot, identify, report and resolve issues often well before you are even aware that there was ever a problem. This process is often completed with the assistance of powerful software monitoring everything from the health of your systems hard disk through to any files that may be deemed a virus risk.

IT maintenance often gets bundled with IT managed services which involves a team of support people monitoring and reading the reports of the software in your environment, re-mediating issues and proactively looking to upgrades and changes within your IT environment to keep your downtime as close to zero as possible.

IT maintenance most often covers, servers, email and internet, file systems, hardware, printers, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and your network infrastructure.


Reactive Support

Where as IT maintenance involves looking at your systems health before its an issue IT support is the response to that “Ohh S#!T” moment when things go wrong.

IT support is often seen as the more cost effective approach as it does not have a fixed monthly charge or require any expensive software to monitor your environment. What is often overlooked in the calculation of the cost of IT support however is the cost of downtime. No business owner enjoys paying their staff to sit around staring at the ceiling while they are waiting for their systems to come back online.

IT support is however essential in business. Even with every system in place to monitor your environment there is always a very real risk of an outage or other unexpected and unplanned for events.

Ambient iT are a team of people with varying skill sets to cover the needs of most companies IT requirements. With an average response time of less than two hours during business hours and most issues resolved same or next day you can have peace of mind knowing that your IT support needs are covered.


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