What is IT Strategy?

Strategy:   is the process which integrates the goals and objectives of an organisation into a single cohesive acheivable plan.  It must carefully consider the perceived strengths and weaknesses of the organisation as well as the anticipated external and environmental influences such as market and economy.

 IT Strategy:    is the planning process whereby an organisation is able to consider the future with a view to aligning their use of technology with the goals and objectives (the mission) of the organisation and therefore determine the appropriate role for technology and it’s resources within the organisation.  This is essentially identifying the IT opportunities (ways to use existing or emerging technologies) that may assist in gaining a competitive advantage, reducing cost, increasing revenue and improving efficiency.

 The Plan:    A strategic plan is not a document … Documentation may result from the formation of a strategy to serve as a guide to, and reminder of, how an organisation has planned to acheive the goals and objectives that have been established.  Strategic plans are not black and white. They must be flexible enough to adapt to changes in their external influences.  They, therefore, must be regularly reviewed.


5 Tips for Strategy Planning

  1. In the world of constant change and advancement that is Information Technology it is important for business managers to be informed of ‘what might be possible’.
  2. Everyone from the boardroom to the shop floor needs to be involved in the IT planning process, The expense of time will be well worth the increased commitment by ownership.
  3. Aim your strategic plan at the right audience using the right level of detail. Non-technical employees should be able to understand it. Acronyms and IT jargon specifics may be more suited to the action plans.
  4. Plan your processes and methods for communicating your IT strategy to the whole company, and ensure that you include a section on how to measure your progress.
  5. Use contingency and scenario planning but allow for process or organizational structure that allows rapid response to unforeseen occurrences.


How can Ambient iT Help?

The Present:    Ambient iT’s team of advisors can assist your organisation by assessing your current use of technology and verify it’s effectiveness at supporting
and enhancing the operations and goals of your business

 The Future:    Do you know where you are headed? Do you have a business plan which identifes key goals and objectives for the business as a whole? Has your
strategy development adequately involved the knowledge of technologies that can help you in achieving your targets? Ambient iT keep abreast of changes and
advancements in technology that enhance your operations, reduce your costs and improve your profts. We can help you bring it all together into one cohesive plan


 From Now To Then:    Ambient iT can help you close the gap between the present and your perceived future. The careful planning and development of projects
and initiatives enable cost effective implementation of the changes required to operations and systems. The goals and objectives of your strategic plan need to be
measurable at reasonable intervals to ensure ongoing progress toward it’s goals and objectives