Ethics and Trust in the IT Industry

Written by Amber Worth

After 20 years of software engineering experience, Amber moved into business infrastructure support to help businesses be safe, be efficient and grow.

29 Mar, 2021

Just like doctors and lawyers, IT is a trust industry

At Ambient iT, we say it, we live by it, our clients depend on it. As a business owner, you are passionate about your business, your clients and your data which is why it is so important that you are being looked after by people you can trust. More and more we are coming across less than trustworthy providers that are either taking advantage of existing trust relationships or ignoring the need for protecting their clients from more than just virus’ and the risk of data loss.

With the rapidly changing technology landscape and new legislation being brought into play, trust in your IT providers is more important than ever. In line with that, Ambient iT has begun engaging with other respected IT providers in South-East Queensland, and around the country, to put together an IT Service Providers Code of Ethics. This will allow us to put forward an agreement of trust between ourselves as providers and you as our client. It will mean that you will no longer fear being held to ransom by your IT providers if you were to move to a new supplier. You will know that the information being given to you will be honest, accurate, fair, and provided without bias. Most importantly, you will have full transparency and ownership of your data, where it is held, and the peace of mind to know that it’s secure.