Ambient iT … Our Name … Our Vision … Our People

You may have heard of the term ambient noise, where noise is always in the background and surrounds us every waking moment. That’s how we think of IT and why we called our business Ambient iT.

Information technology is all around us and surrounds each of our businesses. Much of the time this technology is in harmony and everything flows smoothly. Sometimes things go pear shaped or out of sync. That’s where we come in.

We don’t believe that your business should revolve around your IT infrastructure, services and systems. We believe that technology is only there to support and enhance your business goals and operations. IT isn’t the centre of the universe – it is simply part of helping make your business run smoothly.

We believe with the right planning and strategy, your IT services can make it easier for your employees to effortlessly perform their tasks and communicate effectively with their peers and management.


Powerful business and data analysis tools can provide you with invaluable information for plotting trends and be a significant contributor to the profitability and growth your business, giving you a genuine edge over competitors.

Ambient iT ‘s staff are qualified technical professionals with many years experience in corporate systems infrastructure design, implementation and integration. We develop best of breed solutions that :

  • suit your organisation’s current business needs
  • support your strategies for the future
  • are the best value for money while performing beyond expectation

In other words, we quietly fade into the background and let you get on with things, confident in the knowledge that your IT will be there supporting you every step of the way.