Cloud services & Hosting

If you need access to your files from anywhere and the most secure backups, these services are for you


data storage

Whether in the cloud or on premise storage, Ambient iT are experts at storage technology including SAN, NAS, Azure and AWS hosted & cloud storage and archiving technologies like OneDrive, SharePoint, DropBox & Google WorkPlace.

website & email hosting

Hosted applications, servers, websites & along with effective maintenance & security. Locally hosted, fast & secure servers in Azure, AWS and private cloud datacenters.

All the basic hosting requirements to get your business communication and presence up and running.


Advanced backup strategies & recovery solutions for all types of systems and data. Protect your business assets and achieve peace of mind.

Whether in the cloud or local data and systems, we can protect your business, its data and its people along with your client confidential information.



Access to your systems and data when and where you need it.  Work from home. work on the road equally as efficiently and easily as you would from the office.  Secure environments wherever you are.

virtual desktop

A flexible, efficient and secure multi-user/multi-session desktop environment that can save you time and money, simplify delivery and work from anywhere in a consistent and safe manner.

virtual & dedicated servers

Azure, AWS, and private cloud hosting. Our hosted server solutions power the back office and point of sales infrastructure for some of Australia’s largest big-box retailers and many professional organisations, big and small

We’ll Find You The Perfect Solution

Wherever you are, whatever you do, we will be there to help your business be accessible, available and have the information your people need to get things done. Your business at their  fingertips when they need it.
Want to please your clients every time?  

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How safe is my data in the cloud?

Cloud systems and storage my sound all soft and fluffy but how do you know you are being protected?  Get the best advice and implement solutions that will not just keep you in business but reassure your clients that they too are safe with you.

Good Morning Amber,

I just wanted to email you about a fantastic call I just had with Peter. I haven’t spoken with Peter before, and he was simply brilliant in the assistance he gave. Very efficient, courteous, easy to understand and knowledgeable.

Please pass on my appreciation to him.

Ben Keatch Lawyer'd
Ben Keatch

Since we have engaged Ambient iT, MPC have undergone a quiet techno-revolution restructuring our entire IT syste and resolving issues that have plagued us for years. I highly recommend Ambient IT to any SME looking for an honest, attentive, considerate and
forward facing organisation to take care of their IT network.

Jon Adams Marketplace Communications
Jon Adams

Having your support with both hardware and software as well as your consulting services for the last ten years has been a blessing to our business. Nothing is too much trouble, no question too dumb; your support has been phenomenal 🙂.
The value for money we have received by way of support and expert advice is very much appreciated.

Loni Tiesler Sign Crafters
Loni Tiesler

The least amount of down time in our Business the better, and the Ambient IT Team help make sure we are never out of action for too long if at all!

Tara Hawley Harcourts Redcliffe
Tara Hawley

Our business relies on IT and without it, it grinds to a halt. We can’t afford to be dealing with amateurs, which is why we’ve continued to use the services of Ambient IT.

David Challinor Fortified FInance & Leasing
David Challinor

Swear By Your Systems, Not At Them™

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