The Essential Eight

The Essential Eight is a prioritized list of mitigation strategies to assist an organization in protecting their systems against a range of threats. Below you will find our eight guides on how to implement them into your business and ways to reach out if you need some further assistance.

An Intro to the Essential Eight and your checklist

We are going to dive into the reasons why the essential eight is so important to be implemented into a business, how going through the process can help educate you and your team and provide you with a checklist to get started.


Application Control

We will explore application control, how to implement it on your systems and cover how it will protect your business from malicious code and many forms of malware.


Patch Applications

We will explain why you should proactively keep your software maintained and up to date and how certain programs can leave your business far more vulnerable than others.


Configure Microsoft Office Macro Settings

We will cover why Microsoft Office Macro Settings can put a system at risk as well as covering how this is changing in todays environment and why you will start seeing a lot more macros in your future.


User Application Hardening

We will dive into the ways you can protect your users with their daily use software such as Microsoft Office, PDF viewers and Web Browsers


Restrict Administrative Privileges

We will explain why restrictions of Administrative Privileges are one of the most effective tools and protecting your systems and how it can help protect your business from theft.


Patch Operating Systems

We cover operating system patching, why its important, how to do it safely and why holding on to your favorite OS may be putting you at risk.


Multi-Factor Authentication

We explore the many different types of multi factor authentication, how to implement an effective MFA strategy across your environment and why you should


Daily Backups

Finally we will cover a personal favorite of ours at Ambient iT, daily backups. With the ever growing risks this is one of the best ways to protect your data from outages and disasters. We will also go over the importance of testing backups frequently and how to keep them safe.

Want more information?

We understand that the excessive amount of information out there as well as the rapid speed at which that information changes can be challenging. To help you we have also included some additional resources below. However, if you find yourself frustrated or struggling with some of the tips, our team will be more than happy to assist you.